The Basics of Leasing 

Key Takeaways

  • The monthly payments for a lease are usually lower than for a loan. 
  • You can buy the vehicle at the end of the lease for a pre-arranged price.

 Lease Payments 

Lease payments are generally lower than the monthly loan payments for a new vehicle.

Monthly car loan payments are calculated based on the sale price, the interest rate, and the months it will take to repay the loan.

Lease payments depend on factors including:

  • Length of the lease: This is the number of months you agree to lease the car.
  • Expected mileage: The lease sets a maximum number of miles you can drive the car each year. Most leases come with a 10,000-mile annual allotment. The monthly payment will slightly increase if you go for higher yearly mileage. 
  • Residual Value: This is the vehicle's value at the end of the lease, with its depreciation figured in. Subarus have fantastic residual values so leasing a Subaru, especially from McGrath, is an intelligent decision.

At the End of Your Lease

Bring your Subaru back to McGrath Evanston Subaru, and we'll let you know about all your options. We also accept lease returns regardless of where you leased your vehicle.

You can return any leased vehicle from most manufacturers to McGrath Evanston Subaru.

Once your lease period ends, you can return the vehicle to McGrath Evanston Subaru or purchase it at a pre-determined amount.

The Subaru Trade-Up Advantage program allows lease customers to drive a new Subaru for less than you might think. 

Often Subaru will have incentives for returning lease customers that are amazing deals and worth learning about before making any decisions!